Michigan Historical Museum - Soper and Savage Collection

In June, 2017, I made a prearranged trip to the Michigan Historical Museum in Lansing, Michigan. There I met up with Eric Perkins who is the individual responsible for overseeing the Soper and Savage Collection. I found Eric to be very helpful. He pulled out many artifacts from the museum and allowed me to photograph them. However, in just the three days that we had, it would have been impossible for him to retrieve all artifacts from the archives and bring them to me. As he understood my desire to have images of the entire collection, he sent me a copy of a CD of images that had been photographed at the time they were turned over to the museum. He did verbally authorized me to place the images online. It is those photographs which are showcased here. He believes that this represents the collection complete. The images I took will be showcased in a different post.

Many people are of the belief that the museum is hiding the collection which is really not true. The museum is not like many museums that are totally dedicated to the displays. In fact, the displays of this museum are very limited. It is a great place for research as much information exists in this location on microfiche or hard copy. The museum is really heavily engaged in the business of preservation. This collection is no different. Items in the archives are carefully wrapped up. Everytime they are pulled, it caused degradation.

Eric continually has a few items pulled for display to those who ask. If you are interested in seeing those items, please contact him.

Phone: 517-420-4419
Email: perkinsE@michigan.gov

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